Stanislav and Christina Grof

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How to have a Holotropic Breathwork Session: 03:58 Why the Breathing is so Important: 06:45 How do you select the music: 09:26 Why and how to do body work in HB: 13:40 What the breathing does: 15:25 Why people draw mandalas at the end of each session: 17:30 What kind of inner experiences can people expect to have in a holotropic breathwork: 21:41 What's the value of Holotropic Breathwork: 25:15 Why support is important: 27:15 Results of HB: 32:39 Video of a session: 33:24 Experiences: 36:03

At some moment, around the 21:00 minutes and further, S. Grof explains what can happen with different people.

People function like a radar the states find the areas in the unconscious states of mind which are the most relevant, in the sense that they have the most emotional charge; that will be the part that surfaces into consciousness. The actual content can cover a very wide spectrum. Some people will confront important material from their infancy, childhood, or even from later lives anything that has a strong emotional significance for them. And this would be somehow what emerges for them to look at, work through to assimilate.  For other people it could be something related to biological birth, which is a tremendous source of difficult emotions. Physical manifestations of various kinds. We see people reliving birth with a lot of details, and being able to find out various aspects of their birth. The position in which they were born. The kind of anaesthesia that was used, the fact that the umbilical cord was around their neck. The fact that forceps were used and so on. An another very significant category of experiences are experiences called transpersonal, which take people in mystical realms, into spiritual realms, into was Carl Gustav Jung would call the collective unconscious, either the historical, the archetypal or the mythological aspect of the collective unconscious. So people suddenly would have experiences in other centuries, in other countries sometimes with a sense of personal remembering. Then they talk about past life experiences. Or in the mythological realm encountering deities Shiva, Kali, Jesus, Mary, Wotan and so on.. or experiencing archetypal realms paradise, heaven. Another possibility is people identifying with animals, and connecting with some other aspects of Nature. Experiencing cosmic consciousness, sense of unity with the universal mind, the experience of the cosmic void. Many of the experiences we read about in the great spiritual  scriptures of the world. So the spectrum is very rich. For some people and this has to do with the radar function, there might not be very rich specific content in terms of visions if it is a person who has a lot of physical tension in the body, the whole session might be a tremendous physical build up of tensions and then deep relief. Or for somebody who is very angry, for whom anger is the  most important problem at the time can observe a tremendous upsurge of rage and can express that rage with the help of others and feel much more peaceful.

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