Scenario repeat

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I keep wondering why is it that I am playing the same scenario on and on and I feel like I am not moving or getting the plot. What do I need to get???


And this is what I get. Fantastic message.. but as cryptic as the plot.... shit I need the answer.. seems like I am going to get it soon.


If you keep a diary, it can be interesting to look back at it and see that the same old problems, presenting in different ways, form patterns in your life. We don't often look back and join up all the threads. We're so caught up in the urgency of the here and now that repeated behaviour and choices don't seem relevant to our busy lives. You're about to be reminded of a recurring pattern you are dealing with again. To ensure this is the last time that you play this out, change how you respond now.

I am still not accepting the fact that there is no recognition.. or is there??

Please now  help me figure it out. I am tired.

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