March 9th

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I slept well and deep, had a curious dream

Again based within a beautiful landscape like in a kind of fjord, very high cliffs that at the end looked like mountains which I found weird because it was not  supposed to be the Alps. When I was looking from the window, the sun was illuminating the high cliffs, the view was stunning. There was a huge bridge with a few arcs, metal based, old style where a train was  passing.

It was supposed to be Russia. I was speaking on the phone with M's father AMB and saying how I found curious that this was Russia because it looked like some mix between Alps and Norway.

One interesting thing in this dream was the fact that the granularity and texture of the images was very special.

 Meaning of this dream? None that I can think of.


Felt rested, but woke up had heat flushes headache, feel my nose a bit swollen as well as my hands, BMs very rapid.. not feeling well.

Plus a small red spot on the nose...  connection with hot flashes..  am still really not healing.



Hopefully dear body I am not messing you up with my experiments.

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