Miracles March 8th evening late

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All the week reactivation of a few pimples. Monday of course again the sting was reactivated with the announcement of B.'s nomination. Week end had been awful was really feeling down, misfit, on my nerves, all the hurts were bleeding.

The only way was to let is manifest.

Monday so again the sting, and then i bought some fresh tuna cooked it was tired and hungry in the evening and ravenous the next morning. Ate all the tuna.. and unexpectedly then two small red heads appeared on my right cheek. Aw I thought its histamine and again got pissed..

Tuesday and Wednesday awful mood persists I spend hours surfing understanding that i am just sitting by my life... today worked home more quiet.. decided to go to work-out and said well shoot... body is what it is and face as well.. can't do anything.. for once I was meaning it..

Work-out went really well felt power and energy was a nice feel. After the one hour training.. all disappears...


I am just stunned.. STUNNED STUNNED.


 I also had some flash thinking about histamine and ranting about the past or something like that... this should be analysed whether this can be seen as a decode key.


Also unexpectedly SW wrote to say happy 8.3.2018. out-of-the-blue


How many other surprises :-)?

Thanks AAs up-there I am grateful.. for the nice presents... after the huge rant..


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