Tough times

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Skin is itching and burning during the day

a few red points

nothing is moving re body like stuck.

I do not know how to manage stress everything is stress full, the stupidest of things .. just writing this triggers adrenaline and stress.

 I am sure I have zillions of disbalances

Am I playing with my health, just because I want to get it done.. to get the perfect health?

I am in the dark.

I am full of doubts and jump from +1000 to -9000 within any day


Looking for inspiration but feeling like I cannot emulate


I feel like I am a failure  nothing to be proud of.. just a failure.

things have regressed... nothing much is happening.

Got to face my fears and they are so many.

alone nothing to keep holding to.. lost

skin is lost too and body?


Good stuff the feel that we did two interesting heal sessions with S.

Understood things about feeling other people's feelings.

 read tonite in this guy's seeker's old blog that his half Kundalini started with some inner lightning


Blog of an adventure


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