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Unless you're a botanist you'd probably find it hard to distinguish between a sprouting tree and a weed. Just to obfuscate the matter, the tree might grow much more slowly. It would be easy to dismiss it as being a less successful plant. In order to make a proper assessment, you'd need to think about what promise both plants hold for the future. In your life now, you may be feeling anxious to see results faster than they seem to be happening. But you've invested in something positive. Just be a little more patient.

(En rapport avec mes petites poussées d'eczéma sur et proche de la fesse droite, cuisse droite (nouvel endroit!), et toujours gros orteil droit, et face latérale du pied gauche.)

We know the word 'abracadabra' from fairy tales. Yet it used to be an extremely potent magic word that was used with great care. It could unleash powerful forces that needed to be treated with great respect. Words are powerful. Deep down, we haven't forgotten this. There are still phrases that we utter with caution and others that we repeat because we find them comforting. As Mercury prepares to oppose Jupiter in your sign, if you find the right words, they can have a magical effect.

(say abracadabra woufik!)

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