Dream in anticipation

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Wednesday holes where drilled in our doors. I had this weird dream about people entering my flat to go to the toilets. They were friends from my Neighbor which I do not know and haven't met yet, but I saw his face in the dream. He was having a big party and as I complained to him he said I only have one toilet and so.. I was really angry and thought but then why are they using mine. I was trying to close the doors of my flat but they were not closing properly and that is why the people were able to get in.

 What I do not remember is whether I dreamt this in anticipation or after S told me about the holes.

Possibly after. However that revealed the sense of my security and integrity being trespassed. Had the same feeling Friday in the evening... living in the street, not being protected anymore.

Now that I think about it... I really believe I had this dream on Wednesday. but can't be totally sure.


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