M.J.Roads on Grief and Tears

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I am asked about grief and tears. I confess, this is not a subject that I would have chosen simply because my view of this is rather controversial. When I lost my late wife grief and tears were my constant companion. However, I also chose to observer my own process. In this way I learned that when we are grieving we are inclined toward subconscious self-punishment. I, for example, was careless with a huge flower pot and ended up blind in my left eye. What was I not seeing? (My sight was restored with a vitrectomy) I 'knew' that Treenie still lived, I was communicating with her, Treenie was still in my subconscious programme, and that I looked for her to suddenly walk through a room, even while knowing it would not happen. I knew that time would take care out of my subconscious expectations. I also learned that mostof us are very attached to our loved ones, and that there are no attachments in unconditional Love. Unconditional Love is a freedom song, not one of emotional attachments. I went through a very intense period of deep inner growth as I learned to 'let go' of she who I most loved. 

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