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Cheveu: penser par soi -même, habits. pomper l'énergie, poussière sous les pieds. ne pas réussir à aller à ses buts. Freins.

you are made for love.

has bad connexions his life is going zigzag.

S. you think he is a bit slow, recently.

Other had bad energy sucked you, you are spiritual but sometimes empty inside. if you are a diamond be with diamond and you will remain a diamond, if you stay with stones you become a stone.

my sis: a bit chubby? She is a good person, 2 kids, had space for 3 but only the energy for two. One listen, the other is not listening. Has bad connexion, does drugs, smokes and perhaps even deals marijuana.

You will become lucky between August and October. You need to take time for yourself was not doing so before. S. is the right person for you respect, thought of leaving but did not. Has a lot of love and respect for you. Best person for you. S has a feminine energy, you have a male energy. Energies have to be balanced for better s.

your flat even if you think of leaving you should stay it is the right place for you now, you have a lot of memories in it. You might in the future buy something to let it but stay there.

Woman good friend a bit jealous not good - did not see triggered discussion on S +W+G but it might be H?

Keep your project secret for jealousy in general.

Your are going to work for nobody ie for yourself .. but quiet take your time.. you are start to be lucky. you were made for love are a love freak.

Other dark skin guy you helped in a lot and his family but he was sucking your energy. Clean break with him no photo etc. he is a bit jealous of S. and basically you were leading a 3some relationship. like brother and sister.. but sucks your energy.. and others again S.


You have two wishes

a. I want the energy blockade to vanish

b. I want to do what I can do ie fullfilment.

c. G being well

 S and you are sleeping back-to-back.



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