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After struggling to force the images to come as they are described in the guided version, I tried this version and without trying to force the images. Here's what happened: The first forest was cold and the ground was covered with a couple of days old snow. I was barefoot, but not cold. The terrain was not flat; it was quite irregular, and there was water flowing in the gorge. I took note, then made my way to the entrance to the hollowed-out tree, walking uphill among the snow-covered roots. As I descended the stairs and went through the hollowed-out tree, I exited into a dark, ancient forest. The terrain was fairly even, but as I was exploring the area, I found myself on the edge of a precipice. I jumped off the edge and landed on the back of a bird. The bird carried me up onto a high branch and I stepped off the bird and sat on the branch. It was a gray bird with a long, black beak, and black feet (much like a gray catbird, but its beak was longer, and it was a darker shade of gray). I asked my question, but it flew away. I jumped off the tree and found myself face to face with a tiger, its eyes glowing blue. It was slowly coming toward me. A koala appeared too. I held it and stroked its fur. It quickly fell asleep in my arms, so I put it down gently. But then it woke up, seemingly angry. A bear cub appeared, and then the bird that carried me. I backed up from their approach, then again, and then I noticed I was again standing on the edge of a precipice. They pushed me over the edge. I kept falling, but was able to slow my fall by trying to grab onto the cliff. However, the cliff was made of very soft dirt, almost like dust, and it crumbled as I tried to claw at it. I kept falling and falling. Large amounts of water were pouring in places out of the cliff and into a large lake below. And as soon as I saw the lake a rift opened beneath it and swallowed it, the soft earth closing the rift immediately behind the water. The water stopped pouring from the cliff and I fell onto the soft ground, sinking into it. I was able to make my way out, naked and filthy. I noticed a calm pool of water in the distance. As I walked towards it, I felt like a giant when I looked onto the ground, and like a Lilliputian when I looked up into the canopy. I washed myself in the pond. Then I went to a tree (or was it only a tree stump?) and lay down on the ground, naked, covering myself with a blanket made of twigs and leaves that happened to be there. It was so warm and comfortable there I instinctively curled up and felt safer and more relaxed than ever. Looking around, I noticed a giant in the distance, in the shadow of a mountain that the forest grew on. We did not interact. The giant was silent and I could only see its silhouette as it sat motionless, looking down onto the plateau I landed upon. And by my side, a hedgehog. I said hello, and asked my question again. The hedgehog simply shuffled along, came all the way to where my face was, and tickled my nose with its snout. After that, it merely continued to shuffle around, until it was time for me to leave.

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