Pheripheral vision and Hakalau

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Questions to Forrest.

When you are ruminating, your eyes tend to go down and fixate in one point. It is like being closed to the world and frozen in time (trauma). That's why the Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing treatment also works for many people, I feel.

I tried Time -hakalau like your space - hakalau. I kept the gone past on the left side and the present and future on the right and it is somewhat working for me. Can you please enlighten on this ?

Do you think this would help to heal trauma related chronic hypervigilance?

Absolutely, and it will start helping immediately. The other thing is Time Line Therapy. Try the Anxiety Time Line Therapy video on my channel. ... and of course, HRV Resonance. Try the Resonant Breathing App.

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