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1. Friday evening: all over noise, noise irritates me... to a point... I feel I could explose, because with this noise there is a lack of respect of the rules... i possibly resent that others are having fun while I am not? What makes me so wildly irritated. 

I thought maybe because this noise is the reflexion of the noise in my head which distracts me to the point of being unable to listen to my inner voice.

 Okay let us say so.. but why can they not help me on this journey what is it that I should be understanding, why are the messages not clear?

Hey please make it clearer, more palatable please.

I am not sure I am ready for all.. that is planned.


2. Friday evenin g had to go to the neighbour below us, his music as sometimes was much too loud we could not watch the film properly. His door bell has been deactivated so I had to tuss on the door. He opened and I say good evening, the music is a bit too high.. he replied aggressively, suggesting I am crazy, and then suggested I call the police... i did not get the point.. he really acts this way always with me, like he really holds a grudge. Anyhow, once home I noticed he had stopped the music. But I had a huge pain in the plexus... just where is aggressive behaviour had plucked in... I understand now that everything gets in there.. had to meditate to get better...

Curiously while not liking his beahviour I cared less... even if his attitude is absolutely abnormal. Anyhow thank you for letting me experience that neighboor.


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